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Buying a new car? Here’s how to get a good deal.

8 tips for negotiating a better deal when you buy your next car.


THREE THINGS about cars: 1) I don’t consider myself a car maniac, 2) people love cars. Want a proof? My LinkedIn post “Which car for a negotiation trainer?” attracted thousands of viewers in just a few days. And 3) for many people, buying a car is the second biggest private investment in life after buying a house. 

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Three secrets to help your daughters make it in life and succeed professionally.

Attention, mothers and fathers!


THERE IS A LITTLE BLUE BOOK at my bed table called “How to Raise a Lady.” I have gone through the book back and forth and found absolutely nothing on how to negotiate. I think that this is a mistake. Why?




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E-mail Negotiation

From Nightmare to Nirvana.


HAVE YOU FOUND YOURSELF negotiating over e-mail more and more often lately? According to Ralph Kilmann(1), you may sometimes be hiding behind e-mail technology to avoid potential conflict. To check if he might be right, look at his four suggested context areas.




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Trust Equation

How to Increase our trustworthiness.


FIRST OF ALL, ASKING FOR TRUST IS NOT ENOUGH. Trust must be earned and deserved.  Contrary to attraction  – the halo effect – trust is something that grows rather than just appears. It simply takes some time and is based on direct experience of the negotiation parties.

So, if I want to follow Roger Fisher’s advice of being fully trustworthy, what should I do?




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How to Become a Better Negotiator

With These 9 Effective Tips.


YOUR NEGOTIATION SKILLS WON´T IMPROVE BY READING A BOOK ALONE. Not to say reading negotiation books is useless, but it’s important to note that negotiation is a behavioural skill set. And a learnable one. And as such, it requires practice. And lots of it. It´s like ice-skating. You might read books about it, watch famous skaters do it, but unless you feel the ice skates on your feet, you don´t really know what it´s all about. Neither can you appreciate the skill of the masters to the fullest. If you´re freaked-out already, hold on. Here are nine effective tips to make negotiation less stressful….



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