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From VW Back to ABC

The Alphabet of Failure


Congrats! On the 24th November 2015, the VW “dieselgate” scandal made it onto the front page of the Financial Times again. The headline says: “The German carmaker confirms 85,000 three-litre Audi engines contained illegal software, on top of the 11 million cars admitted earlier.”
Like Mike Tyson who, while recovering from the first severe blow, receives another knocking hit, the company will disappoint its fans and shareholders who hoped the bad times were over now…



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Lessons On Reputation from Mr. Blatter

How to distinguish information from influence


I am a very generous man” claimed Mr Blatter, the ex-president of FIFA during his recent lunch with Financial Times Editor, Malcolm Moore.
“This is a very generous offer!” I asserted when acting during a recent training session, after I had blurted out a very low initial offer.  The topic was fairness. And reputation.


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Despicable Me.

The Underestimated Power of Your Goodwill.


Getting ready for the inevitable wet winter, I took three pairs of winter shoes for repair.
As the guy at the counter told me the price, I said, “Oh, too bad I did not take the last receipt. You have a loyalty program, right? I´m a regular customer. Is there anything you can do about the price?”


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Negotiation Lesson from Omega

How to protect yourself from being ripped off


Today, while walking on the main shopping street in a European capital, my eye caught a glimpse of a large Omega sign. After a little hesitation, I entered the watch and jewellery shop and approached the counter, somewhat reluctantly.
“Is that the Omega sign on the wall outside the shop?” I said to the three men behind the counter.
“Sure it is,” replied the tallest of the three.


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Is Your Price Wrong Too?

Price Lessons from Greece


“Don´t shop here at the hotel, it´s  a rip off,“ was the first piece of advice from Tom, the tanned, professionally smiling holiday rep, on the day we arrived. “There´s another shop just another 200 metres away, selling the same stuff at half the price…“
“Let´s go to the hotel shop,“ I announce once our son declares the need for new AA batteries for his  toy. 
“5 Euro,“ a lady in black utters dryly. It must be the heat…


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