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6 Tips for Negotiating a Salary Raise

Aren´t we all underpaid?


One day my friend Tom came to cry on my shoulder.
“I´ve brought in a client who´ll increase our company turnover almost by 25%!  Guess what I got in return from the boss?  A pat on the back!”
I´ve known Tom for five years; he works evenings, weekends, and is always thinking of ways to improve things.  Despite his efforts, he feels unhappy and unfulfilled at work.  In fact, Tom should talk to his boss about a raise.


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BATNA for Dummies

Four Ways to Lessen Your Negotiation Power


“Hiring an experienced software developer is a nightmare!” complained a friend who ´s an IT head-hunter. “They have such a cushy life!”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Well, there´s a desperate need for them on the job market. And, of course, they´re aware of it. There´s even an insider joke around this. ‘At lunchtime, they ask one another, ‘So, what´s the score?’ meaning, ‘How many head-hunters offered you a job today?’”

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#1 Secret of Selling Shoes

Or the Easiest Way to Boost Your Sales


“I´m useless today!” Nadezhda mutters angrily to herself as she´s carrying a box of shoes back to the warehouse.  Petr, her manager, looks grim too. She doesn´t even look at him as she´s squeezing past him in the warehouse full of the winter collection.

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The Devil´s in the 10% Discount

The road to broken business


“10% off and we´re friends.” That was the exact phrase a friend of mine used when negotiating the price of a tailor-made suit. It made me smile, and I thought to myself, “That was a cheap trick.” But later, this Hong Kong memory returned on another continent.

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Three Simple Ways to Get a Better Deal

Upending the status quo can benefit everyone


A client once said to me:
“I want the price dropped to 20K per month, so I’ll demand 15K and then compromise up so the other side feels like winners.”
“Fair enough,“ I responded.  “And, how did you decide on 20? “
“I did the math,” he answered vaguely. 
“Ok, let me ask you differently. What if they won´t go any lower than 25?” 
“Well, then I´d make no profit.” He paused. “But I´d still prefer keeping the contract to losing it.”

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