Who am i?

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I'm Pavel Novak.Negotiation Trainer. Game Changer.


As Confucius said, "Man who chases two rabbits catches neither." I do one thing and do it well. I help you and your people master the art of negotiation. Through truly unique negotiation training and coaching, I help you to strengthen your professional relationships and achieve great agreements. In short, I help make your negotiation experiences more rewarding. More fun. And, above all, more effective.

Quality. Pragmatism. Style.

My approach is centred around three core elements: quality, pragmatism and style. It’s an approach that truly makes a difference. Stylish coaching that helps you take the most effective negotiation ideas, and apply them in a way that’s not only enjoyable, but truly works for your negotiations. 

Real world negotiation expertise. Real world results.

I aim to inspire you. I’m here to improve your skills in the long term with training that moves beyond technique alone to help you apply what you learn in the real world. To give you those all-important ‘eureka’ moments and a fresh new perspective on your work. My methodology will help you tackle negotiation with renewed confidence. With renewed energy. So you can negotiate like a master and achieve remarkable results.

Gain unique, top-of-the-class negotiation know-how.

For over ten years, I’ve worked at the cutting-edge of behavioural psychology, working closely with the leading authorities on the topic, including Marshall Rosenberg (world-renowned American psychologist, best selling author and the creator of Nonviolent Communication), and world-leading institutions. As a result, I bring you up-to-date negotiation ideas and trends that help you to develop your skills more effectively.