Why work with me?

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Skin in the Game. I am offering my unique experience, know-how and talents to help you increase results dramatically.


As a one-person business, you always know who is delivering your training: Me. That means you can expect high quality training and coaching, informed by the very latest know-how, ideas and methodology – all framed within my focus on quality, pragmatism and style. It also means that you can expect to get the most value out of your investment.  

What do I provide?

  • A high quality, personal service focused on the details that will dramatically improve your negotiation skills.
  • Unique, top-of-the-class negotiation know-how.
  • A complete learning experience to suit the way you learn, including specially developed board games, videos, role-play and real world practice.
  • I guarantee satisfaction. Or your money back.

What does it mean for your business?

Quite simply, it means better deals, more satisfaction and less trouble. As a result you will be able to achieve: 

  • Higher conversion rates.
  • More loyal customers.
  • Less haggling. Less bargaining.
  • Happier business partnerships.
  • Increased profits.
  • Shorter negotiation times.
  • Clearer agreements.
  • Less internal conflicts.
  • A uniform, consistent approach for your sales team.